Throughout the year, BelCham organizes many events that bring the Belgian-American community together to network, educate, and promote the Belgian brand. Rest assured, BelCham members also enjoy connecting over a Belgian beer with new friends in a social context.

See a list below of the type of events we host.

Our monthly Captain Sessions provide a unique opportunity to meet the prominent businesswomen and men who are at the helm of large corporations. These captains of industry have the daunting task of combining the daily command of a multinational with their private and family life. They donate precious time to share their insights and experiences on how to manage and balance such an existence. The intimate setting and personal approach make these sessions truly inspirational.

Captains at BelCham

Our Learning and Development Sessions are a well-attended series of interesting speakers who offer valuable insights and perspectives on (business) life.

BelCham’s Pitching sessions, otherwise known as Atelier Meetup’s are an excellent platform for young companies to present themselves to potential clients and investors.

Our Active Sessions are an ode to all Movers and Shakers. With these sessions you may be able to take moving in the right circles quite literally. And the shaking applies both to hands and bodies alike. We all know deals are made where bonds are forged. And we take that way beyond golf courses and tennis courts (though we are a big fan of those as well). So come try something new! We’re talking hiking, aerial silks, karting, art & spinning classes, cooking & “setting up a workshop” workshops, among many other ridiculously enjoyable activities led by BelCham experts. Feel free to suggest and/or (help) organize our efforts to build muscles and community. It’s networking and it’s fun. That means it’s great business too.

Every so often it’s time to shake off the KPI’s, conference calls and budget constraints. And what better way to do it than with some Belgians & friends at one of our parties?

BelCham’s bassline may be business, but our events provide the melody. Chamber music with a twist, if you will.

We will have you bumping, grinding and booty-popping to BelCham’s Belgian black, red and yellow heartbeat, in no time.

If there’s one BelCham event you should be attending this year, this is it! (But why would you stick to one?) BelCham’s Annual Gala is first and foremost a time to honor and shine, to aspire and inspire. It’s when we celebrate important, sometimes even lifelong achievements of people that have shown us how perseverance and brilliance are the way to success. During this Belgian-American state of the union you will eat, drink, laugh, applaud and party to your heart’s content. And maybe even a little more.

[BAY AREA] BelCham Catalyst with KU Leuven #2

Monday, October 28, 2019 8:00 AM - Friday, November 22, 2019 8:00 PM (EDT)
Event Details

The BelCham Catalyst is a 3-week, no-equity collaborative accelerator program in San Francisco for promising high-tech companies in partnership with the #1 most innovative university in Europe, KU Leuven. The participating entrepreneurial teams are carefully selected by their alma mater. The program offers a group curriculum and customized tracks to prepare the companies for successful growth and scaling. 

WEEK 1: Mindset & Leadership
You'll learn that Silicon Valley is not just a physical location, it exists as a mindset devoted to innovation, flexibility, nimbleness and the ability to think differently.

WEEK 2: Sales & Marketing
Participants will take a deep-dive into branding, PR, storytelling and product-market fit so that they can create the ultimate company narrative that will win over investors, partners and clients.

WEEK 3: Fundraising, Pitching & Expansion Fundamentals
Participants will create a fundraising strategy, practice their pitch with a strongly articulated value proposition and gain the necessary knowledge and resources needed to make international moves faster and with the help of the right partners.

WEEK 4 (optional): Leads Follow-Up
Participants will continue to have access to BelCham’s co-working space and be able to organize follow-up meetings with peers, partners, potential clients and investors.

2019 will be the second edition of this program. Previous program (2018) participants included IVEX, Magics, MyCellHub, nextAuth, Riskconcile and VersaSense.

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Laurence Van den Keybus
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